The Importance Of Space When Texting A Girl

There are many ways you can do in texting girls. It’s just to start this stage is not easy. Even some people, especially women, feel uncomfortable when they have to approach someone through chat. Fear of being caught, feeling nervous, all mixed up into one. So, how to make her want to reply to all your text? Try to choose a sentence or topic that is interesting to discuss. Don’t consistently ask you have eaten yet? What are you doing? Or other sentences that are too boring to reply even though the essence is a question. One example of a way that you can do is to send a video link or interesting article that has a new topic so that it can be the subject of your chat with her. It certainly doesn’t feel boring.

At this stage, you might want to get to know your crush better. Many things later become questions, but sometimes you also have to be good at sorting out – because of course not everything about her must be sent and you are looking for the answer. Try to find out general things about her, for example, what kind of band or hobby. From here you can develop chat material so that you are no longer stuck in one place.

As excited as you to keep your texting going on, you need to give room for her to be alone. Not everyone can be approached aggressively. You also need to know when she needs space to be alone. This method is usually effective to see how serious your crush is. You don’t have to try. Now and then try not to chat her and see how she reacts. Does it only chat when she sees you make a story or status on social media, or she can still chat you when you are not making a status or story and there is no news? If when you suddenly disappear and she is looking for you, it means she still needs your presence. But if she only chats when you make a status, there is a possibility she also does it to others and you have to watch your heart.