You Must Know These Steps During A Web Design Process

As you know, a picture contains a million meanings. If you add a variety of images both photos and backgrounds to your website, make sure to choose the best images that are representative of your business goals. In addition to the appropriate color, you must also pay attention to the placement of the image. Harmonize with various other elements. Additionally, if you need a professional web designer, we recommend you to hire one from the Small Business Web Design Agency London.

It’s important to remember, don’t use other people’s photos without permission.

Also, do not use resolutions that are too small. If you want good image quality, but with a relatively small size, you can use SVG files. Previously, make sure SVG support in WordPress is active.

In addition, you must make a prototype. The prototype is a real example of your website design. Unlike wireframing which only produces simple drafts, prototyping is interactive. That is, all website assets in the form of images or videos, applications of animation and website structure are displayed in detail.

If you already have a prototype, you can show it to your team or client in a demo. This is important if there is something to be added before moving on to the production process.

Basically, when you have successfully created a prototype, your web design work can be said to be almost perfect. However, before actually launching a website, web design improvements need to be done.

After that, the testing phase is important to make sure all the displays and functions are running well. The key, don’t miss a single page or element in this process.

If you find a bug or coding error, you can fix it immediately. For best results, you can also do a number of tests involving different people.

In addition, you also need to note how the performance has given the website during the testing phase.

Although the appearance of the website is interesting, if the loading process takes too long, it will have a bad impact on you. In fact, 47% of visitors want the loading process to take no more than 2 seconds. In fact, Google has determined that loading speed is a factor that influences ranking in their search engine.