Wonder Woman Will Feel Lonely In “Wonder Woman 1984”

Lonely Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) after the death of her lover, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), will be recorded in the sequel to the film titled Wonder Woman 1984. Producer Charles Roven said the sequel to Wonder Woman took place nearly 70 years after the first. During this time lag, Diana also had to see and feel the loss of her colleagues while she was immortal herself. “Diana not only lost Steve Trevor. She lost almost everyone who was important to her because they were not immortal. Her life was quiet and simple,” said producer Charles Roven. Roven said that one of Diana’s sources of happiness was when helping people in distress. In the meantime, if you also want to watch other DC movies and TV series, we recommend you to watch them on viooz.

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot himself admitted that he was very suitable for acting against Chris Pine. He praised Chris Pine for embracing different gender dynamics from the Wonder Woman film series. “There is no chemistry test. We have it. Chris enjoys (playing in the film). He feels challenged in a very fun and funny way,” Gal Gadot said.

In the first film Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor committed suicide by blowing up planes filled with poison gas. However, he is rumored to be appearing in Wonder Woman 2.

In the interview, actor Pedro Pascal revealed the evil character he played, Maxwell Lord, was a symbol of greed in the 1980s. He even called Max a dream seller.

Wonder Woman 1984 will largely describe Diana’s action against Cheetah, the change in the form of Barbara Ann Minerva. The character first appeared in the comic book Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 7 (1987). Barbara Ann Minerva is a British archeologist who conducted research in Africa. He met one of the tribes where there was a woman with the strength of a cheetah.

After possessing strength, Cheetah is obsessed with getting weapons owned by Wonder Woman such as the Lasso of Truth. Certainly not easy to seize one of the Wonder Woman’s mainstay weapons.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to air on June 4, 2020.