You Can Use A Clothes Hanger Made Of Wire To Open A Locked Car Door

Apparently, a clothes hanger wire can be used to open locks and even as a way to assemble car audio capacitors. Prepare the required wire hanger that can be used with clothes hangers that are not used anymore. We recommend the clothes hanger used is made of wire. It’s because clothes hangers made from plastic are generally more easily broken when bent plus more difficult to do it, especially if the plastic clothes hangers are flabby, then it should be used as a hanger with a wire material. This hanger wire is cut and then its bent part is straightened. This is done if the car door is locked manually because manual locks can generally be opened in a unique way. However, if you are in a hurry, we recommend you call a licensed locksmith to help you open your locked car door.

Furthermore, at the end of the wire is bent until it forms a small indentation. The purpose of the indentation is that the car door lock can be attached to the curved wire. The length of the coat hanger wire needed can range between 3 cm or 5 cm depending on needs. If it is needed longer, please. The most important goal is to make the car door open. The wire is from the part between the rubber coating on the car window and the divider on the car door. The wire is inserted until it approaches the lever that is needed to open the door.

The next step is to make a coat hanger related to the lever. The hook is moved until the car door is open. The lock lever will move and hold it until it is completely hooked. Once related, the next thing to do is lift the key lever. The lever is held up until the car door is opened. Then pull with all your strength because this key lever is stronger than the wire. Don’t forget the patience because the process is rather tricky.