Kanye West Actually Loves To Watch Rick and Morty

Cartoons are often linked as shows for children. Not infrequently, even adults like to watch cartoons. However, usually, they watch adult cartoon shows. One of them is an American rapper, Kanye West. Recently, he revealed one of the types of films he likes, the Rick and Morty cartoon. He revealed this in his personal account some time ago. He said that he has watched all episodes of “Rick and Morty” five times already. If you also want to watch Rick and Morty episodes, you can watch them on letmewatchthis.

This statement came after he saw the news about the cartoon’s refresher as many as 70 episodes. In fact, the film reportedly does not yet have that many total episodes.

This was confirmed by Rick and Morty’s co-creator, Justin Roiland. He stated that the refresher of the cartoon, starting from the episode ‘Adult Swim’ until the final episode of the third session of the film.

In addition, it was rumored that this cartoon would also air again for its fourth session. But until now the exact time is not yet known when the fourth session will be broadcast.

As information, the Rick and Morty cartoon first appeared on TV in 2013 ago. This cartoon first drew a lot of protests because a lot of content that was inappropriate to be shown on TV.

However, the popularity of this series turned out to defeat the protest. This series lasted until the third session, which aired in October 2017 ago. Since then, fans have urged their creators to issue the fourth session.

In addition, this film was also famous for one of the scenes where Rick, the main character, went back in time to buy a McDonald’s package with Szechuan sauce, which was present in America in 1998.

This sauce is a special edition sauce to welcome the Disney film that aired that year.

The audience of Rick and Morty was curious about the taste of the Szechuan sauce. They had caused a riot across America, where they asked McDonald’s to sell the sauce again.

Finally, in early 2018, McDonald’s released the sauce again, which will also be limited to re-selling.